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Moon Knight Is Coming To The MCU In His Own Disney+ Show

Praise Kohnshu


During Marvel's section of the Disney+ panel at D23, the company announced three brand-new TV shows that will be coming to the subscription service. One of these was Moon Knight, a niche but much-loved hero from Marvel's comics.

In the comics, Moon Knight has a somewhat troubling story. Originally introduced back in 1975 in the horror series Werewolf By Night, by Doug Moench and Don Perlin, Rabbi's son turned professional boxer turned Marine Marc Spector's life was eventful, even before he decided to give it up and become an adventurer. It was during one such adventure where he found himself in trouble during an archeological dig in Egypt. After losing a brutal fight, Marc was left for dead but rescued by locals who brought him to the temple of Khonshu, the moon god, offering him a second chance a life if he would agree to become Khonshu's earthly avatar.

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Marc accepted this bargain and was transformed into Moon Knight, a mystically empowered hero to enact Khonshu's will.

Or, so he thought. Over the years, it was revealed that Marc's origin may not have been as clear cut as originally thought and the character struggled with mental health and identity issues, causing him to question which parts of his own story were real--if any of them. Since then, a hazy, surreal grasp on the truth has become a staple of Marc's stories, often bringing him into conflict with his own fractured self as frequently as his "powers" (if they really are powers) pit him against actual supervillains.

Details about Marc's role in the MCU are unsurprisingly vague, so as it stands right now we can't tell which incarnation of the character will come to life in the shared universe. However, Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige did make a passing reference to Marc's mental instability during the presentation at D23, so we that is something we can definitely expect.

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