Monster Hunter World's Halloween Autumn Harvest Fest Event Now Live On PS4 And Xbox One

Get in the Halloween spirit with the Autumn Harvest Fest.


Monster Hunter World's third seasonal event has arrived. The Autumn Harvest Fest is now underway on both PS4 and Xbox One, bringing with it new Halloween-themed items and gear to get your hands on, as well as a handful of new and returning Event Quests to take on.

From now until October 4, the Gathering Hub will be decked out with jack-o-lanterns, colorful leaves, and other autumn decorations. Throughout the event, you'll receive two Lucky Vouchers as part of your daily login bonus, rather than the usual one. You'll also receive an Autumn Harvest Ticket; collect enough and you can craft the new Autumn Harvest Fest gear seen below.

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You'll be able to earn Autumn Harvest Tickets--as well as Harvest Fireworks--by completing daily Limited Bounties as well. In addition to that, all facilities will hold sales on in-game items during the event, and a new seasonal platter is available in the Gathering Hub. All players will also receive the adorable Pumpkin's Revenge costume for their Poogie, while the Handler gets the new Mischievous Dress outfit.

Finally, players will be able to take on a handful of new Event Quests; completing these will unlock new gear and weapons, including creepy-looking Felyne and Mosswine masks. "Nearly all" previously available Event Quests have also returned, including Wiggle Me This (which rewards you with materials to create the weird Wiggler helm) and the PS4-exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn crossover quest. You can find the full Event Quest schedule on Monster Hunter World's website.

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PC players will have to wait a little longer to participate in the Autumn Harvest Fest; as Capcom previously said, the Steam version of Monster Hunter World will follow its own Event Quest separate from PS4 and Xbox One's calendar. You can find the Event Quest schedule for the PC version here. Among other missions available now, Monster Hunter World players can take on the fearsome Deviljho.

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