Monster Hunter World Beginners Can Get A Helping Hand From Series Vets

Learn the ropes, hopefully without all the punishment.


Monster Hunter is one of those series known just as much for its punishing difficulty as its actual gameplay. It's become a mystical franchise of sorts, often talked about in vague, awed terms by those who don't know it, and with fervor by those who do. Traditionally, Monster Hunter games have appealed to a small cult following, with a steep learning curve that dissuades many players from checking it out.

However, the series' first Western console release in several years is approaching with Monster Hunter World, and a huge new group of players will have the chance to check it out. To help guide these beginners and hopefully reduce the learning curve, a group of fans have created a cool new support group.

Called Adopt-a-Hunter, it's designed to pair up a veteran with a new player, so that the vet can explain some of the tricks and nuances of Monster Hunter that the game may not explain. It also will likely give the new player access to communities of other Monster Hunter players that they can play with.

It's great to see a fan initiative attempting to become a sort of tutorial system for the game; it'll hopefully help players learn the game and prevent them from becoming discouraged by its difficulty. Signups for Adopt-a-Hunter are open now at its website; according to the FAQ, matches will be sent out a few days before launch. You can learn more about the initiative at the site.

Monster Hunter World will be released on PS4 and Xbox One on January 26; the PC version is coming this fall. Capcom has recently revealed some of the DLC and crossover gear that's coming to the game. Specifically, we know that PS4-exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn gear and Mega Man equipment is coming to World. You can read more about the game in our Monster Hunter World review.

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