Monster Hunter Rise's TGS 2020 Online Trailer Shows New Battle Gameplay

The Monster Hunter staff gave a few more tidbits about the game, including a new action, the wirebug, and short details about new monsters.


During Capcom's TGS 2020 livestream on September 25, more information on Monster Hunter Rise, the next Monster Hunter game to arrive on the Switch, was revealed. Game producer Ryozo Tsujimoto kicked off the Monster Hunter Rise segment in Capcom's livestream by stating, "Our main focus on Monster Hunter Rise is the portability of the Switch, which allows you to pick up and play the game at any time. This game is about playing wherever you want, whenever you want, with anyone you want."

The livestream showed Monster Hunter Rise's TGS 2020 trailer, an expanded version of the official announcement trailer. The new scenes in the video shared battle actions for the lance, hammer, bow sword, and a new rappelling tool called the wirebug. The wirebug functions much like Spider-Man's web shooter, and the action allows players to scale cliffs and have a vertical dimension to gameplay. The wirebug can also be combined with weapons for new attacks during battles.

A new buddy, the canine, will also be available to assist you in hunting. Much like the name implies, the canine is a dog-like animal and can actively coordinate attacks with players. Your stamina will also not decrease if you ride on the canine's back, and you can recover health as well. In the single-player version, players can bring two buddies on quests. But in multiplayer mode, hunters are limited to one buddy each.

The Monster Hunter Rise team also shared a few minor tidbits on the new monsters that we've seen in the initial trailer. Aknosom is a fiercely territorial bird wyvern. Tetranadon is an amphibious monster that can swallow anything that moves. Once it eats, it'll be slower, but the monster's attacks become heavier and more destructive. The Great Izuchi is another bird wyvern, but one that travels in packs and attacks with its tail. Magnamalo, the "flagship monster," is a fanged wyvern with unique modes of movement. The developers stated they couldn't reveal more details about Magnamalo at this point in time.

As for new locations, the staff teased the Shrine and Kamura Village locales. If you want to catch a glimpse of either, Capcom is showing a first demo play of Monster Hunter Rise during a livestream on September 26 at 5 AM PT / 8 AM ET.

Monster Hunter Rise will be exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch and will be released March 26, 2021. Checkout our preorder guide to Monster Hunter Rise if you're interested in snagging a copy now.

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