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Monster Hunter Rise And Street Fighter Collaboration Drops On August 27

You get to dress up as Street Fighter's Akuma in the next update for Monster Hunter Rise.


Capcom has announced yet another collaboration with one of its other properties for Monster Hunter Rise. This time, it's with the Street Fighter franchise and the new content will drop on August 27.

Those who complete a new event quest will be able to unlock a layered armor set that makes your hunter look like Akuma from the Street Fighter series. Not only will quipping the layered armor alter the voice and appearance of your hunter, but it will also change your kunai attacks into Akuma's famous ones, like Gohadoken and Zanku Hadoken.

Akuma also comes with his own special animation on the "Quest Completed" screen, as well as a special pose when a weapon is drawn.

If you equip a sword and shield set while wearing the Akuma layered armor, your regular attacks will turn into punches and kicks. Various Silkbind attacks will convert into other moves such as the Goshoryuken and the Tatsumaki Zankunkyaku.

Monster Hunter Rise has received many updates since it launched earlier this year, including other collaborations with Monster Hunter Stories 2 and Okami. The game is available on Nintendo Switch and a PC version is slated to release in 2022.

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