MLG Anaheim's SC2 champion is Cho 'Trap' Sung Ho

After a very strong run through the lower bracket, Trap exits as the champion of MLG Anaheim.


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Amidst late starts and the lack of a stream dedicated to the tournament's lower bracket, MLG Anaheim still brought out the fierce competition SC2 has become synonymous with. And when the dust had settled under the Californian sun, Incredible Miracle's Trap was holding the trophy high above his head, after having defeated his opponent Choi 'Polt' Seung Hun in two back-to-back Bo3's.

The road of the eventual champion started in the third round of the loser's bracket, where he then went on to best Hwang 'KeeN' Kyo Seok, Ko 'HyuN' Seok Hyun, Son 'StarDust' Seok Hee, Sacha 'Scarlett' Hostyn and Kim 'viOlet' Dong Hwan, before he claimed the 1st place finish.

However, amongst the grandeur of Trap's achievement, Scarlett became the center of attention for most of the English-speaking community. With an intial victory over Life in the loser's bracket, the Canadian zerg managed to bring the momentum back in her favor in the following Bo3 against Park 'DongRaeGu' Soo Ho, whom Scarlett was already trailing a game behind by off-racing as Protoss and beating the former Code S champion in the second game of the match. Following this surprising development, she went on to win the series and managed to make it to 4th place overall before losing to the eventual champion.

  • 1st - Cho 'Trap' Sung Ho: $15,000
  • 2nd - Choi 'Polt' Seung Hun: $9,000
  • 3rd - Kim 'viOlet' Dong Hwan: $5,500
  • 4th - Sacha 'Scarlett' Hostyn: $3,500

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