MLB 2004 details

989 Sports unveils the latest game in its baseball series.


MLB 2004

Sony's 989 Sports development studio has released the first details on MLB 2004 for the PlayStation 2. The game will include 12 different play modes--including franchise, career, season, and general manager modes. The batting interface lets players guess what pitch is going to be thrown, and if they guess correctly, batters will have a much better chance of hitting the ball. In addition, players can have hot and cold streaks that are affected by their performance at the plate. As for pitching, players can change the type of pitch as well as the velocity and location. Outfielders can be moved around on the field to make diving catches or to jump on the outfield wall to make a catch and prevent a home run. MLB 2004 will also have managerial features where players can read scouting reports and have complete control over the bullpen by determining when pitchers should warm up.

We'll have more on MLB 2004 before its spring 2003 release.

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