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Miyamoto a friendlier Steve Jobs - Star Fox developer

Q-Games founder Dylan Cuthbert would like to work more with Nintendo, says famed Nintendo designer takes hard-line approach to games.


Which tech icon does Shigeru Miyamoto most resemble? According to Dylan Cuthbert, founder of Q-Games and lead producer of the original Star Fox, the Mario and Zelda creator has a fair deal in common with Steve Jobs, the notoriously exacting Apple founder.

Gaming's wacky father figure can get real, real fast.
Gaming's wacky father figure can get real, real fast.

"[Miyamoto's] private face is different to his public face, and his style of chasing ideas and cutting through bull**** is brilliant--internally he's kind of like a slightly more friendly Steve Jobs but just as cutting," Cuthbert said in a fan Q&A on retailer GAME's Facebook page.

The developer behind the PixelJunk series of downloadable games said Miyamoto took a firm approach to game development, placing mechanical concepts before narrative trappings. Miyamoto once dismissed a design document heavy with narrative ideas and concept art from Cuthbert by asking "OK, and where's the game?"

Cuthbert did not seem to mind the chastening, though, as he said he would enjoy working on the Star Fox series again if given the chance, and had a few ideas for how he would implement the Wii U's GamePad. The last Q-Games-developed Star Fox was 2011's Star Fox 64 3D, produced in concert with Nintendo EAD.

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