Mini Centipede Arcade Machine Hits Kickstarter Goal In One Day

New Wave on the old wave.


The crowdfunded RepliCade X Centipede went live on Kickstarter on October 17 and hit its campaign goal of $50,000 in just over 24 hours. It's a 12-inch tall, 1/6th-scale arcade cabinet that plays Centipede using the original arcade ROM and it's officially licensed by Atari. GameSpot was able to take part in an early demonstration with a preview unit.

As for technical specifications, the bite-sized cabinet is built with wood housing and uses proprietary hardware to run the ROM. For the display, the RepliCade has a 3.5-inch LCD screen with a 4:3 aspect ratio in portrait orientation. As for controls, the trackball and fire button are scaled down too, but function similarly to the original cabinet. Power comes from a lithium-ion battery that charges through a micro USB port. All the visual features are translated as well, like the laminated vinyl artwork on the cabinet's sides and the LED backlit logo above the screen.

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New Wave Toys founder Shilo Prychak stated that the RepliCade machines are intended to be functional collectors items produced in limited quantities. He also plans to expand the collection of RepliCade machines for other retro arcade games beyond Centipede. And although the goal is to stick with the 1/6th scale, other games may require a larger dimensions to be properly played.

New Wave Toys plans to ship out the RepliCade X Centipede in April 2018, and while different pledge tiers offer the machine for varying prices, it carries a $160 USD MSRP.

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