Minecraft "Horse Update" launching next week

1.6 update adds horses, donkeys, and mules to open-ended sandbox game; fixes numerous bugs.



The 1.6 update for Minecraft--dubbed "Horse Update"--will launch July 1, Mojang announced today.

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As its name suggests, Horse Update brings horses to the world of Minecraft, as well as donkeys and mules. The update also adds horse armor, hay bales, blocks of coal, and carpets, among other new game elements

The Horse Update will also fix a number of Minecraft bugs, including an issue that kept players from hitting mobs while jumping on horses.

For more, check out the full 1.6 pre-release notes on Mojang's website.

Yesterday, Minecraft for PC/Mac/Linux crossed 11 million in life-to-date sales. A new version of the game is currently in development for Xbox One.

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