Minecraft: Education Edition Is Now Available On Chromebooks

Minecraft: Education Edition also receives an update across iPad, Mac, and Windows PC.


Microsoft has announced that Minecraft: Education Edition is now available on Chromebooks, allowing a variety of devices--including iPad, Mac, and Windows PCs--to work together through cross-play. It opens up the game to even more players, assuming there is anyone who hasn't tried it at this point.

Along with this announcement, Minecraft: Education Edition will receive an update that provides support for remote and hybrid learning. This update will automatically be applied to those on Chromebooks, iPads, and Windows PCs. Mac users will have to install it manually. It's unclear which Chromebooks are compatible, but The Verge reports that users will be using the Android app of Minecraft: Education Edition that now has Chrome OS support, meaning teachers will need to be sure they have the latest Chromebooks.

Minecraft: Education Edition is designed specifically for educators, allowing them to teach and interact with students all over the world. It includes chalkboards and laboratories, as well as a Classroom mode that lets teachers communicate with and view where students are on the map. Subjects, like history and math, are taught through the game's world. These lessons can be downloaded from the Minecraft: Education Edition Subject Kit.

In order for schools to use Minecraft: Education Edition, they must either have a Microsoft 365 account or purchase a license to the game through the Microsoft Store. Microsoft said it's working on letting users log in with their Google account, but there's no confirmation on when this feature will go live.

In other Minecraft news, Destiny 2's The Tower social space has been recreated in-game. And it only took 168 hours across three months.

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