Destiny 2's Tower Recreated In Minecraft, And Holy Crap

Eyes up, Guardian, and take a look at this beautiful recreation of the Destiny 2 social space in Mojang's popular block-building game.


Minecraft has enabled some ambitious fan projects, and the latest one makes your Guardian feel right at home. A builder has recreated the Tower social space from Destiny 2 in the popular brick-building game, with an incredible level of detail.

YouTuber EetzJosh showed off the creation with a lengthy walkthrough of the space. Any dedicated Destiny 2 fan will immediately recognize the Bazaar, Hangar, and the Courtyard. EetzJosh also credits fellow creators Mealyac and Limonada for their assistance with the project.

EetzJosh said the project took a total of 168 hours across three months, and altogether it includes 226,089 meticulously placed blocks. It also uses the BSL Shaders and Optifine mods. He also mentions that he may release it as a file at some point if people are interested, so players can enjoy walking around the tower themselves.

The shaders offer some impressive lighting effects even without the recent RTX support which is still largely reserved for testing among highlighted creators. Meanwhile, in actual Destiny 2, you can prepare to take part in a new Solstice of Heroes event that will offer new loot.

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