Mindjack DLC plugging into 360, PS3

Square Enix's shooter picks up first three-map online add-on February 15, second update due March 8.

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Mindjack didn't win much praise from critics upon its release for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 last month, but the Square Enix action shooter did pick up plaudits for its online modes. Gamers who agree will be pleased to know that Square Enix confirmed today two downloadable map packs will be released for Mindjack, the first of which debuts this week.

Map Pack 1 will be available through Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network on February 15, carrying a $7 (560 Microsoft points) price tag. Within it, gamers will find three new multiplayer maps. The Airport Shootout and Construction Carnage maps have gamers defending themselves against waves of enemies, while the Container Maze battlefield sees players winding their way through shipping containers to outflank snipers.

Six new maps are en route for Mindjack's online modes.
Six new maps are en route for Mindjack's online modes.

The second map pack will launch on Microsoft and Sony's systems on March 8, and it will also include three new playfields for $7. As with Map Pack 1, Map Pack 2 contains two arenas--Neon Nightmare and Look Up, Look Down--where surviving waves of enemies is the name of the game. In Truth at Nerkas HQ, gamers will work their way through a maze of buildings to take enemies by surprise.

Developed by feelplus, Mindjack places players in the turbulent world of 2031, when the planet is beset with political unrest. They will assume the role of Jim Corbijn, a federal agent equipped with high-tech devices that allow him to "hack" into enemies, civilians, and vehicles to control them.

For more on Mindjack, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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