Midway Cruis'n with Nintendo

Publisher has five planned for Wii, DS, GBA; includes arcade classics and kid-friendly handhelds.


Speaking with analysts last May about its improved, albeit underwhelming, quarterly earnings, Midway CEO David Zucker mentioned the publisher was working on two Wii-exclusive titles that would be revealed later this year. Revealed today were the names of those two games, as well as a trio of Nintendo handheld exclusives that Zucker neglected to mention in the conference call.

First for the Wii, Midway will be reviving its classic arcade racer Cruis'n. The action racer hybrid will feature 12 courses, and players will drive using the Wii Remote. Midway will also be adding another party game to the Wii's library, aptly named Game Party. The minigame compilation will feature parlor games, such as darts, table hockey, and hoop shoot, as well as knowledge-based trivia contests.

Midway will also be bringing its hyperviolent fighter Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 to the Nintendo DS. This latest port of the arcade staple includes a fighting mode, as well as a puzzle mode similar to the puzzle kombat mode seen in Mortal Kombat: Deception. This first DS iteration of Mortal Kombat will also feature Wi-Fi multiplayer and record-keeping capabilities.

Also coming exclusively to the DS will be Cartoon Network's Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: Imagination Invaders. In Imagination Invaders, players will assume the role of Bloo as they explore the Foster's home, stop the maniacal Space Nut Boogies from making off with The Greatest Thing in the Universe, and rescue other characters from the animated TV show.

Also for the kids, Midway has announced The Bee Game for the DS and Game Boy Advance. In this handheld title, players are tasked with completing various minigames to solve the mystery of where bee-hive residents have blown off to.

All five of Midway's recently announced Nintendo titles are slated to be available this November.

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