Midway Cruis'n with Nintendo

Publisher has five planned for Wii, DS, GBA; includes arcade classics and kid-friendly handhelds.


Speaking with analysts last May about its improved, albeit underwhelming, quarterly earnings, Midway CEO David Zucker mentioned the publisher was working on two Wii-exclusive titles that would be revealed later this year. Revealed today were the names of those two games, as well as a trio of Nintendo handheld exclusives that Zucker neglected to mention in the conference call.

First for the Wii, Midway will be reviving its classic arcade racer Cruis'n. The action racer hybrid will feature 12 courses, and players will drive using the Wii Remote. Midway will also be adding another party game to the Wii's library, aptly named Game Party. The minigame compilation will feature parlor games, such as darts, table hockey, and hoop shoot, as well as knowledge-based trivia contests.

Midway will also be bringing its hyperviolent fighter Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 to the Nintendo DS. This latest port of the arcade staple includes a fighting mode, as well as a puzzle mode similar to the puzzle kombat mode seen in Mortal Kombat: Deception. This first DS iteration of Mortal Kombat will also feature Wi-Fi multiplayer and record-keeping capabilities.

Also coming exclusively to the DS will be Cartoon Network's Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: Imagination Invaders. In Imagination Invaders, players will assume the role of Bloo as they explore the Foster's home, stop the maniacal Space Nut Boogies from making off with The Greatest Thing in the Universe, and rescue other characters from the animated TV show.

Also for the kids, Midway has announced The Bee Game for the DS and Game Boy Advance. In this handheld title, players are tasked with completing various minigames to solve the mystery of where bee-hive residents have blown off to.

All five of Midway's recently announced Nintendo titles are slated to be available this November.

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Avatar image for starfoxmcleoud

I don't know if anyone else noticed, but this is nothing more than a port of the arcade Fast and the Furious! All they did was replaced the title, menus, and controls! They should have named it Cruisn': Fast and Furious or something like that. Sorry Midway, but i'd rather keep playing the original version in the arcade and keep building up my car.

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Besides the sad reviews on the N64, the game should at least give me an impression that this is not an ordinary game. Even if the graphics is dated, there always be something to resolve it to a degree. But I'm more interested in sound than in graphics. Every racing game should have the best music if you know what I mean.

Avatar image for Sacred-Snow

Cruis'n looks good, but the graphics are meh.

Avatar image for lolag

omg they better improve the graphics for it to sell

Avatar image for bigbootay

theyre FINALLY reviving the cruisn franchise. Its about time!

Avatar image for CLeRKSfan4life

I can't wait for Cruis'n. The original games are awesome!

Avatar image for saskue327

finally a remake must be more better than mk advance

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Avatar image for black_ice23

MK with WiFi it has potential heres hoping midway don't screw it up

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Avatar image for BKeeper

Hmm.... could this be one of the first example of a "green" game (one based on a real-life environmental scenario, possibly made to raise awareness of said issue)? I've read reports on the problems of bees dying off (cause still unknown, pesticides are suspected), and deserting hives. This is a major problem, as farmers rely on them for pollination. Midway, if this was your intent, kudos. Or just see it a an extraordinary timing.

Avatar image for Narroo

The bee game is going to be pulled for offensiveness, because all the American honey bees are disappearing. hmm....

Avatar image for Drizzt_79

Also for the kids, Midway has announced The Bee Game for the DS and Game Boy Advance. In this handheld title, players are tasked with completing various minigames to solve the mystery of where bee-hive residents have blown off to. I wonder if the creators of this game realize the irony of this concept, because this is being mirrored in the real world. For those of you who haven't heard, bee keepers are discovering that worker bees (in the real world) are beginning to get lost and are not returning to their hives. Some are predicting a food crises as a result. Good thing they have the best minds at work on solving the problem!!

Avatar image for metc123

bit dissapointed, this is a lack of support if you ask me, on the best selling home console at the moment

Avatar image for SneakyB986

the Wii games sound like a waste of shelf space and money....but mk on the ds with wifi capabilites sounds promising.....old mk before they started "trying" to make it 3D was the best....but I havn't played a mk like that in like 10 years......I would have to see how the reviews go before I even consider buying UMK3

Avatar image for KingKoop

I had a MK on the GBA, I love MK but this game was awful I think it actually was UMK3 or MK Trilogy. I hope they don't mess this one up.

Avatar image for Hvac0120

UMK3 for DS? Okay, but they should also update the graphics for it. I like that they are adding MP, but the game is getting dated. It's great to go back and remember the great times, but better fighing mechanics have been developed since then.

Avatar image for ManOfTeal

Bring Area 51 to the Wii please.

Avatar image for Sonicgod

Ohh god i hated those Cruis'n. games that was like one of the worst games of the sucky 32-bit and 64-bit era there is no classic in that game at all. I thought it died with the n64 where it belongs.

Avatar image for diablobasher

Ok. Ok. We get it, Wii makes awesome party games, just dont overload us with them will you? Also, please stop serving up mortal kombat, it's rubbish, always has been and always will be. At least when they keep serving up Street Fighter the series deserves it.

Avatar image for pencilpusher69

This has inspired me to release a comic book, titled "Comic book". It's simplicity at work!

Avatar image for F1sTDaCuffS

they need to do something , there games are horrible.

Avatar image for Kenzo287

I've been dying for some Cruis'n for a while ever since Cruis'n the World back on the N64. That is still one of my favorite games to this day.

Avatar image for Pete5506

more wii games

Avatar image for -Squirrel-

Lol. Well while I don't really own any Wii party games (besdies Wii Sports), but this one doesn't have an appealing title. But MK3 for the DS sounds great. I have it for the 64 and it was one of my favorite 2D fighters. Now if i could only get Killer Instinct... And this also looks like Midway is throwing support at the Wii. Albeit it is not sensational support but then again its Midway, what could you really expect? List of Wii heavy third party developer support: Capcom, Namco, Sega, Square Enix, and now Midway. The list grows...

Avatar image for puppiemaster

I must admit they do sound rubbish

Avatar image for whitey3221

Game Party?...get a better name.

Avatar image for Saphire_Kitsune

Booo! All of them sound horrible.

Avatar image for willripyouanew1

Is anyone still buying GBA games?, The gameboy system's got the stink of death all over it, Just like the Game Cube... Watch out Wii he he

Avatar image for comthitnuong

Midway is really slacking. These games are disappointing...I would love another Blitz though. They should consider that.

Avatar image for 1357900

I thought this article was about the Midway Cruis'n USA/World/all the others titles for VC!

Avatar image for RaiKageRyu

aptly named... Game Party... Are they even trying anymore?

Avatar image for deactivated-5c35826ea3913

I'm up for some Cruis'n...

Avatar image for 7arek

Meh, nothing that exciting here.

Avatar image for theokguy

I hope u all know its a new crusin game right? Because guys how should i say it (ITS NOT A PORT) geez

Avatar image for S_Pac_316

UMK3 for DS? Sweet! I'll still get it from XBLA to play it on a bigger screen though.

Avatar image for Killerfalcon13

joeyfine Hey! look at that, games publishers released for N64 are being re released on the Wii... same game but with the Wiimote! how innovative!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Can you be any more idiotic? Do you know how to read . It's a sequel to the N64 verions not a port . Thats like saying FFXII is a re release of FFVII.

Avatar image for Elason

what does everyone see in UMK3? why does this game get ported so much? its probably the worst MK that they ever made, and i bet itll be as 'groundbreaking' as MK advance. they should just keep it puzzle only, or do a new one.

Avatar image for kuroinindato

Never played Crus'n so we'll see. After the blast of beating Excite Truck, been looking for a cool driving rush so me think I'll wait for that one till a Burnout/Wii gets annouced :P And concerning UMK3/DS: bring it ON! A Puzzler Figher kinda mode and wi-fi bounts, yes please. As for the touchscreen, stylus activted fatalities would be crackalakin' ;)

Avatar image for KiLLer_ba

awesome, I hope UMK 3 doesn't lag on the DS.

Avatar image for JimBurber

Cruis'n is cheese! yet fun for some confusing reason

Avatar image for DiscoBurn

Cool I guess..but did we really expect much from Midway...?

Avatar image for edger2006

Only 12 courses?!! I love those games but I was hoping for a deeper expirience. suxx

Avatar image for DeafNYCPlayer

I loved Cruis'n games. USA, and World were great games. I can't wait to play new Cruis'n.

Avatar image for Kcube

Stop complaining fanny boys. Cruisin was one of my fav racers..could have been better but was still alot of fun ^_^

Avatar image for Chirico_Cuvie

Midway is the new Akklaim.

Avatar image for livinglegend305


Avatar image for Paul_TheGreat


Avatar image for Conanfan1

I can't wait for Bee Movie. Bee game better not be disappointing.

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