Microsoft vs. Motorola suit comes to a close

Xbox maker awarded $14 million in damages in "landmark win"; Motorola suggests it will appeal.


The Microsoft vs. Motorola lawsuit has come to a close, with a jury finding in the Xbox maker's favor in Seattle federal court this week.

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As reported by Reuters, a jury agreed with Microsoft's assertion that Google subsidiary Motorola broke agreements to license patents "at a fair and reasonable rate."

Microsoft was awarded $14 million in damages, approximately half of what the company originally sought. This consists of $11 million for costs associated with relocating a warehouse in Germany, as well as $3 million in legal fees.

"This is a landmark win for all who want products that are affordable and work well together," Microsoft said in a statement.

A Motorola spokesman told Reuters that the company is likely to appeal the decision.

"We're disappointed in this outcome, but look forward to an appeal of the new legal issues raised in this case," the company said in a statement.

In April last year, the International Trade Commission ruled that the Xbox 360 violated a string of patents Motorola holds for video decoding, Wi-Fi connections, and console-to-accessory connections. However, earlier this year this decision was overturned.

Microsoft previously rejected a Motorola settlement offer that would have the Seattle tech giant pay a royalty fee of 2.25 percent on every Xbox 360 sold.

The Xbox One launches in 13 countries across the world on November 22.

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