Microsoft to offer dedicated servers for all Xbox One games

Company says as a result, gameplay will be "much more reliable."

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Dedicated servers will be offered for all Xbox One games, Microsoft has announced. Dedicated servers for the Xbox One versions of Call of Duty: Ghosts and Titanfall were previously confirmed.

Senior Xbox director Albert Penello shared the news on Twitter, simply stating "yes" when asked if the Xbox Live Compute resources include dedicated servers for all Xbox One games.

The Xbox Live Compute service is a means to allow creators to utilize scalable, cloud-based computing resources that Microsoft manages within its regional datacenters. This is meant to extend the technical limitations of what is traditionally possible through the finite resources of one console.

Writing on the Xbox Wire, Microsoft said not only will dedicated servers allow for a greater number of gamers to play together at once, but players will also notice a generally more stable experience.

"With server-based multiplayer gaming, not only can more players play the game (think hundreds of players simultaneously), the gameplay will be much more reliable for the players," Microsoft said. "No more host migration interruptions, suboptimal experiences for the host, home network NAT constraints, or player cheating."

In addition to dedicated servers, Xbox Live Compute will allow developers to offload computations like world management, rendering, controls, network, lighting, physics, and AI to the cloud. This will, according to Microsoft, allow developers to create higher fidelity worlds with "deeply intelligent" NPC AI.

Xbox Live Compute will also allow for games to be dynamically updated. An example provided was the ability for new maps and game modes to be added without requiring players stop to download an update. Check out the full Xbox Wire post for more on Xbox Live Compute.

The Xbox One launches on November 22 for $500.

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