MI6 to laud Will Wright

New conference and awards tap game industry's biggest name to put it on the map; Spore maker gets Hall of Fame nod at inaugural event later this month.



The producers of the inaugural MI6 trade show and conference confirmed today that game designer Will Wright will be inducted into the show's Hall of Fame.

Wright, who will be on hand to accept the award, is the MI6 Hall of Fame's first inductee. The induction will take place on the night of June 28 as part of the overall MI6 Muse-Senet Awards.

MI6 is the brainchild of Promax/BDA, an organization that calls itself "a global, nonprofit association dedicated to advancing the role and effectiveness of promotion, marketing, and broadcast design professionals in the electronic media."

MI6 is an event designed to recognize game marketers and is the first time Promax is delving into the game space. It already has standing as an organization vested in the TV industry, with the Diverse Voices Award and the annual Promax/BDA Extreme Performance Conference held in New York City.

The MI6 conference and awards will take place June 27 and 28, 2006, at San Francisco's Moscone Convention Center and The W Hotel.

The nod for Wright gives the game designer two Hall of Fame notches in his belt: he was inducted in to the AIAS Hall of Fame at the annual D.I.C.E. Awards in 2002.

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