Metal Gear Survive Beta Is Live On PS4 And Xbox One

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[Update 2] The Metal Gear Survive beta is now available on both PS4 and Xbox One. The beta runs through January 21 and features two maps, three missions, and live events, according to Konami. As described below, those who play the beta will receive in-game bonuses in the full version, should they decide to purchase it. You can check out the video above for an idea of what to expect.

[Update] Konami has clarified on Twitter that, as of yet, the Metal Gear Survive beta is not available for PlayStation 4 in America. However, it is now available for both PS4 and Xbox One in all other regions.

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Metal Gear Survive, the upcoming spin-off episode of Metal Gear Solid V, has a free beta on coming to PS4 and Xbox One ahead of the game's February 20 release date--and that beta's already live for some. It's available now on Xbox One, though it seems the PlayStation Store is being a little slow to update. We'll update when the trial is available on PS4.

Survive's beta will run from January 18-21 inclusive on both PS4 and Xbox One; publisher Konami says the beta will provide an opportunity "to jump into co-op mode to build, defend, and fight alongside friends online."

Those who participate in the beta will receive bonus items in the full game. These include a FOXHOUND name plate, a Metal Gear REX head accessory, and a bandana. It's unclear if there will be a way to unlock these without having played the beta, or if they'll be available at all in the PC version, which isn't receiving a beta.

Bear in mind the final game requires a constant internet connection and contains microtransactions, despite being a paid game with a single-player mode. Survive was originally due out in 2017, but it was delayed back at E3. It marks the first Metal Gear game to be released by Konami since Hideo Kojima, the series' creator, parted ways with the studio. For more on the game, check out our breakdown of its class system or our preview impressions on whether Metal Gear Survive is any good.

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