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Metal Gear Survive Has A Class System, Here's How It Works

I'm A Survivor, Not Gonna Give Up.

In Metal Gear Survive, the lost members of Mother Base will do whatever it takes to endure in a hostile alternate-dimension populated with dangerous zombie-like creatures and other enemy combatants. Focusing more on survival and resource-gathering as opposed to the series' familiar stealth-action gameplay, players will have to scrounge for supplies, craft new gear and equipment, and rescue other survivors across the lands.

While Survive retains much of the core mechanics found from Metal Gear Solid V, it goes about its core gameplay a bit differently, tasking players to strengthen their character and their base with the materials procured out in the field. In the early hours, you'll find yourself in the role of the Survivor, one of four unique classes in Metal Gear Survive. But as you advance in rank and acquire more resources, you'll unlock additional classes that open up new skills and upgrade the core attributes--strength, vitality, dexterity, and endurance--for your character. Below, you'll find a breakdown of the starting Survivor class--including the perks and bonuses that can be unlocked.

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  • Swing Combo: Number of combo attacks with one-handed weapons increases according to skill rank.
  • Heavy Swing: Unleash a more powerful one-handed attack than normal.
  • Sprint Swing: Perform a special attack with one-handed weapons while sprinting.
  • Combat Step: Perform a side-step while readying a weapon.
  • Dive Attack: Unleash a drop attack directly below you. Only useable when close-range weapon is equipped.


  • Thrust Combo: Number of combo attacks with thrust weapons increases according to skill rank.
  • Heavy Thrust: Unleash a more powerful thrusting weapon weapon attack than normal.
  • Sprint Thrust: Perform a special attack with thrusting weapons.
  • Foot Press: Grab an adversary and kick them in any direction.
  • Quick Hands: Collect resources from enemies, animals, containers, and other objects quicker.


  • Two-Handed Combo: Number of combo attacks with two-handed weapons increases according to skill rank.
  • Heavy Smash: Unleash a more powerful two-handed weapon weapon attack than normal.
  • Sprint Smash: Perform a special attack with two-handed weapons.
  • Stomping Ground: Perform a powerful stomping attack.
  • CQC Counter: Parry an attack and kick the adversary in any direction.


  • Heavy Combo: Number of combo attacks with heavy weapons increases according to skill rank.
  • Heavy Impact: Unleash a more powerful heavy weapon weapon attack than normal.
  • Sprint Impact: Perform a special attack with heavy weapons.
  • Leg Sweep: Trip an adversary.

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