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Metal Gear Online: Konami Reveals All With Detailed Gameplay Demo

Three classes explained; Ocelot and Snake confirmed as playable characters; MGO Release Date Confirmed.


Konami has published an in-depth gameplay video that reveals key details about Metal Gear Online, the multiplayer component of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.

The eleven-minute video, published below, discusses the three different player classes; the scout, the enforcer, and the infiltrator. It also talks through mission types, strategies, and player abilities. Meanwhile, Konami has confirmed that servers for MGO are set to go live on October 6.

Footage shows that MGO uses the same control scheme as MGSV, and much of the same equipment and techniques. Players can kidnap enemies using Fulton Recovery chutes, and can even interrogate them. It also appears that, after you mark enemies, your entire team will know of their position. It also shows that players can edit the MGO character they made at the outset of Metal Gear Solid V's campaign, or if they wish, create a new character from scratch.

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Here's more details on the three classes, as discussed in the video.


Infiltrators are best suited for close-quarters combat, and are particularly useful when wearing stealth camouflage.


Scouts are well balanced, and excel at marking enemies from a distance. They are also said to be skilled at gathering intel. Sniper rifles are best suited for this class.


Enforcers are classic deathmatch soldiers. They are heavily equipped, and excel at combat. They possess high stamina and use heavy weapons.

A fourth class that Konami briefly showcased is Unique Characters, with the video showing Ocelot and Snake as playable characters in MGO. Ocelot can duel-weird revolvers, while Snake can attack foes with his rocket-propelled prosthetic arm.

Later in the video, Konami showcases a Bounty Hunter Mission. This is essentially a team deathmatch mode, where both groups are given a ticket number (in the demo, 30) that they must drive down to zero by killing enemies or capturing them with Fultons.

There are also bounty points, which are essentially reputation points, that players accrue based on how dangerous they are. If you Fulton an enemy who has a high bounty score, it appears that their effect on the ticket score is reset. This means the that capturing enemies, while harder to pull off, is far more effective than shooting them from safety.

Further below, Konami has provided a host of new images showcasing how MGO looks across its levels and gameplay modes.

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