Mega Man 4 blasts onto Virtual Console

Nintendo Store Update: Capcom's Blue Bomber returns in 1992 action platformer; Bang Attack threatens WiiWare; Surviving High School adventures onto DSi.

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Capcom revitalized its classic action platformer series in 2008 with the release of Mega Man 9, a game built in the 8-bit tradition for downloadable platforms. With Mega Man 10 following in that vein just last month, Capcom is offering gamers a look at the series' roots. Leading this week's Nintendo Store update is Mega Man 4 for the Virtual Console.

Originally released to North American audiences in 1992, Mega Man 4 sees the Blue Bomber combating nefarious robots built by Dr. Mikhail Cossack, a seemingly villainous cohort of Dr. Wily. The 500-Wii-point ($5) game's distinctive feature is Mega Man's ability to charge up the energy inside his arm cannon to unleash powerful blasts.

The years have been kind to Mega Man. Of course, he is a robot.
The years have been kind to Mega Man. Of course, he is a robot.

Elsewhere on Nintendo's console, gamers can pick up Bang Attack from Engine Software. The WiiWare release is available for 500 Wii points ($5) and sees players smashing fruit onscreen to clear it from a playfield. The puzzler challenges gamers to compete for high scores; they gain multipliers and other rewards for squashing fruit of the same type.

On DSiWare, Electronic Arts is offering Surviving High School for 800 DSi points ($8). The adventure game focuses on high school drama, involving football players, heartthrobs, part-time jobs, and pop quizzes. Nintendo also has a trio of new titles in its Game & Watch series: Donkey Kong Jr., Flagman, and Ball. Games in this series all cost 200 DSi points ($2). Lastly, Nnooo has released its correspondence-writing sim myPostcards for 200 DSi points ($2).

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