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Ocean of America readies its lineup for E3. Mission: Impossible tops the list.


Ocean of America, known for translating movie hits into PC games, will be showing the following four titles at E3 this June.

Mission: Impossible - Ocean's in-house development team has created a "spy simulation thriller" title for Nintendo 64; it will be the company's first N64 title.

Super EF2000 - Developer Digital Image Design added several upgrades to the title's predecessor, EF2000, including multi-player options and additional weapons and enemies. Super EF2000 is coming out for Win 95.

Multi Racing Championship - This will be the company's second N64 title.

V-Rally - This world rally racing sim includes real-time 3-D rendering and light sources, texture mapping and Gourand shading. The PlayStation title is due this summer.

Plus, Ocean of America's parent company, Infogrames Entertainment, has developed 22 online titles they will show at E3.

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