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Massive ads implanted in Matrix Online

More real-world products to be advertised in virtual world based on real-world movie that suggests real world is really virtual.


The Matrix Online is already massively multiplayer, but it's about to get an entirely different sort of Massive.

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that beginning with Update 38, The Matrix Online will feature in-game advertising courtesy of Massive Inc. Advertisements for real-world products from Massive's ad partners will be strewn throughout the game's Mega City setting on billboards. Real-world products are already advertised in The Matrix Online, but they were primarily from companies that had provided licenses for items within the gameworld, like clothing.

One big difference that players will notice is that the Massive ads will be refreshed and updated with greater frequency. Sony notes that current ads in the game for fictional products and services will continue to remain a part of the game. Sony has also said that the ads will not be animated, and will not affect the game's performance.

Another effect of the inclusion of Massive ads into The Matrix Online is that player advertising in Mega City will be possible, and Sony might run contests in the future to select player-generated ads and incorporate them in the game.

Massive's advertising technology has been used in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, SWAT 4, and Anarchy Online. The Matrix Online Update 38 is scheduled to release sometime next week.

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