Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Finally Changes NPC Into A Turian, Which Makes Way More Sense

The race of a prominent side character in the original Mass Effect never made much sense, and it looks like BioWare has at long last fixed the mistake by transforming him into a Turian.


Mass Effect: Legendary Edition looks to have corrected what fans have long speculated to be a mistake in the original Mass Effect revolving around the NPC Elanos Haliat.

Minor spoilers for Mass Effect below.

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Whereas Haliat was once a human in the original game, he is now a Turian in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, which makes way more sense. For context, Haliat is a pirate and former leader of the Terminus systems. Most importantly, he's the character who organized the invasion of the human colony of Elysium prior to the events of the game. This attack is referenced frequently in conversation as "The Blitz" if players select the "War Hero" psychological profile for their Commander Shepard. He can be encountered while investigating a nuclear probe on the planet Agebinium.

The issue was Haliat's original appearance as a human never added up. A human attacking other human colonies, and being able to rally the other races of the Terminus systems against humanity? It never really seemed logical, especially since Haliat even seems to refer to humans being a separate species from his own and his name specifically references Turian weapon manufacturers.

For Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, BioWare has fixed the mistake. Haliat now appears as a Turian in-game and even sounds more Turian too, with BioWare adjusting the character's voice to better match his new race. Here's a before and after image shared on the game's subreddit:

It's just one of many changes Mass Effect: Legendary Edition makes to the beloved trilogy. It even replaces the now infamous stock photo of Tali with a much-improved portrait. While the first Mass Effect seems to have received the most changes, fans are still finding visual upgrades and other improvements across all three games, with the game's latest patch further refining the game's visuals and fixing a number of bugs. It all sets the stage for Mass Effect to return...eventually.

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