Marvel's Wolverine: The Long Night Goes Beyond Movies And TV Into Brand New Medium

Wolverine's getting his own podcast, bub.


Marvel is getting into the podcast game. In addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the big screen and a number of TV shows across multiple networks and streaming services, the comic giant is going to debut an audio drama in 2018.

As reported by Mashable, Marvel will release a 10-episode scripted podcast that revolves around X-Men character Wolverine. The project, Wolverine: The Long Night, will premiere on Stitcher Premium in Spring 2018. It will then be released across all other podcast platforms in the fall.

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The original story follows two agents as they track a serial killer in Alaska, whom they suspect is Wolverine. The mutant will be voiced by The Hobbit star Richard Armitage in the podcast. He's joined by Scott Adsit (30 Rock), Bob Balaban (Moonrise Kingdom), Brian Stokes (Mr. Robot), and Chris Gethard (The Chris Gethard Show), who will appear in a cameo.

Speaking to Mashable, writer Ben Percy described the 10-episode series as a blend of previous podcasts like Serial and S-Town, along with the "narrative tricks" used in True Detective. "If you look at the success of Serial and S-Town, it has everything to do I think with their investigative formats, the way the listeners become complicit in the narrative," he says. "They're co-authors, they're literary detectives, because they're piecing together the clues alongside the reporters, and I wanted to take a similar approach to that."

Should Wolverine: The Long Night prove successful, there's no telling what other stories--both original and adapted from other works--Marvel would be interested in telling through audio dramas. Percy is already throwing around the phrase Marvel Podcast Universe, so chances are if The Long Night works out, fans will be getting even more of their favorite character in podcast-form.

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