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Marvel's Wolverine - Gameplay, Platforms, And Everything We Know

Insomniac's aiming to deliver a mature take on Marvel's favorite mutant.


Over the last couple of years, developer Insomniac Games has earned critical acclaim for its work on Marvel's Spider-Man and its spin-off, Miles Morales. With a sequel featuring both Spider-Men on the way, the studio's next project is one that has Marvel fans excited as a legendary mutant is stepping back into the spotlight.

The last time that Wolverine had a solo game was all the way back in 2009 with X-Men Origins: Wolverine. A tie-in game to the film of the same name, Raven Software's single-player adventure was a gruesome and action-packed spectacle of blood, guts, and adamantium claws. More than a decade later, Insomniac's take on the X-Man is looking like a spiritual successor, and while the game is still deep in development, a few details about Marvel's Wolverine have surfaced since it was first revealed.

Release date

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The biggest mystery--aside from Wolverine's ability to somehow heal both flesh and clothing in his 2009 game--is when this game will be out. Insomniac's busy right now with work on Marvel's Spider-Man 2, which has a release date of October 20 on PS5. After the game was first revealed in 2021, Ryan Schneider, head of franchise strategy at Insomniac, said that the game was "very early in development," suggesting a long wait lie ahead for fans of the surly mutant.

Insomniac is something of a miracle worker when it comes to video game releases, as since 2018, the studio has shipped Marvel's Spider-Man, expansive DLC for the game, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, with the Spider-Man sequel landing in October. Insomniac has a reputation for surprisingly short development cycles in the current era of multi-year game projects, and it has been suggested that Marvel's Wolverine could launch in Fall 2024.


Back in plaid.
Back in plaid.

Unsurprisingly, Marvel's Wolverine will be headed PlayStation 5 as a console exclusive, given Insomniac's position as a PlayStation first-party studio since its acquisition by Sony in 2019. It's highly likely that the game will eventually come to PC, but judging by previous PlayStation ports, don't expect to see any adamantium claws unsheathed on that platform for a few years after the game arrives on PS5.

Marvel's Wolverine gameplay

Someone is about to get a lethal back-scratch.
Someone is about to get a lethal back-scratch.

So far, the only footage of Marvel's Wolverine that has been released is a short teaser trailer announcing the game. A few things can be gleaned from that CGI reveal trailer, which is loaded with Easter eggs that reference the history of Wolverine. For starters, the bar that Wolverine decorates with a pile of bodies is the Princess Bar that's located in Madripoor, a lawless city and a refuge for criminals in the Marvel Universe.

As for the tone of the game, Insomniac is aiming to deliver a mature experience, which is fitting considering Wolverine's nature as a walking weapon. Insomniac's recent games have also been showcases of slick action, so there's a good chance that the studio will deliver some cutting-edge gameplay with Wolverine that's balanced by the developer's ability to dig deep into the emotional core of its characters.

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