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Marvel's What If...? Clip Shows Steve Rogers As The Proto-Iron Man

The new clip of Marvel's What If...? has Steve Rogers in an interesting new role.


In Marvel's upcoming What If...? series takes familiar characters and gives them completely new scenarios, much like the comic that has been published on and off since 1977. With the new show, it takes that concept and applies it to the MCU specifically so we get episodes about Captain Carter, T'Challa being Star-Lord, and Doctor Strange being the Sorcerer Supreme that features stars reprising their live-action roles.

The Marvel Entertainment Twitter released a new video for the upcoming show, which arrives next week. The clip shows Peggy Carter, now donning the stars, stripes, and shield of Captain America taking on Hydra forces when suddenly Steve Rogers shows up in what's being called a Hydra Stomper and easily dismantling a tank.

Officially announced back in April 2019. Marvel Studios' head of visual development Ryan Meinerding helped define the series' cel-shaded animation style, which was designed to reflect the films and take inspiration from classic American illustrators like Max Fleisher.

The new series will feature nine episodes exploring fantastically new situations for familiar characters to be found in, with Jeffrey Wright voicing Uatu The Watcher, narrating each episode. A second season is already in development.

Marvel's What If...? premieres on Disney Plus August 11.

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