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Marvel's Werewolf By Night Debuts First Footage At D23

The MCU is about to get a little spookier with the premiere of the Werewolf By Night Halloween special.


Brace yourself for some black and white spookiness coming to the MCU--we've been given our first look at Marvel's upcoming Halloween holiday special, Werewolf by Night, at D23 Expo. The footage, done up like a classic 1940s horror movie (film reel skipping and everything), teases a terrifying night where hunters must figure out who among them is secretly a monster. Take a look at the teaser right now.

Werewolf by Night stars Gael Garcia Bernal and Laura Donnelly. It's directed by Michael Giacchino, and Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige compared the tone to something like Indiana Jones--"a little darker, a little scary, but fun scary."

The teaser is only about a minute long, but still packs in plenty of winks and nods to classic horror movies like The Wolfman and vintage halloween animatronics. We don't have much context for it, otherwise--there are no immediately recognizable or established MCU characters present to give us a clue when this could be set or where in the MCU it might be happening. However, looking to the comics for hints, we can take a guess that it could potentially tie into the other horror-adjacent stories Marvel has been working with recently, including Moon Knight and, possibly, the upcoming Blade.

Werewolf by Night first appeared in Marvel comics back in the '70s. The name has been shared by two different people throughout its publication history--Jack Russel and Jake Gomez. It has not been confirmed which version Gael Garcia Bernal will be playing in the show.

Werewolf By Night will hit Disney+ on October 7.

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