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Marvel's Midnight Suns Performance Can Get Boosted By Disabling The 2K Launcher

With a few tweaks in Steam, Marvel's Midnight Suns can run smoother.


Marvel's Midnight Suns has some performance issues, and if you're playing on Steam, turning off the 2K launcher could be the antidote.

Rock Paper Shotgun and players over on Midnight Suns Reddit first noticed Midnight Sun's stuttering issues and also found the potential solution: Yeeting 2K's launcher into the stratosphere--or in other words, simply disabling it from launching alongside Midnight Suns.

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According to the RPS writer James Archer, the solution massively boosted the frame rate--which went from an average of 90fps to 146 fps. RPS and a Steam user both uploaded guides on how to prevent the 2K launcher from initiating. A short summary is that players will need to go into Midnight Suns' local files, grab the main executable file path, and then paste the path into launch options.

Some players also appear to have run into save file issues after they removed the 2K launcher, and if that's your situation, you can check out the Steam guide for advice on troubleshooting.

If you bought Midnight Suns through the Epic Games Store, there's currently no workaround for boosting performance.

The 2K launcher isn't a recent addition to games. It's been around, with players discussing it in a less-than-favorable light every so often--like this Civilization Reddit discussion and BioShock Reddit thread.

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