Marvel's Ironheart Series Has Found Its Writer - Report

Ironheart, an MCU show that will debut on Disney+, enlists Chinaka Hodge as lead writer.


It's full steam ahead for the MCU and all of their projects. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney+'s Ironheart show has brought Chinaka Hodge (TNT's Snowpiercer) on as head writer.

The show will focus on Riri Williams, played by Dominique Thorne, a brilliant teenage inventor who was introduced in the comics back in 2016's Invincible Iron Man. Williams created her own version of the Iron Man armor in her dorm at MIT and eventually took over as Iron Man when Tony Stark was temporarily taken out of commission. Riri went on to coin the name Ironheart and star in her own solo comic book series.

Details about the Ironheart show are still scarce. It is unknown where in the MCU timeline Riri's introduction will take place or if she'll be related to Tony Stark's legacy at all in this incarnation of events--especially since MCU has reconfigured Peter Parker into a sort of teenage Iron Man legacy character already. Still, given the wide open playing field that is Phase 4, anything could happen and Riri has plenty of space to work.

In addition to Ironheart, there will also be an Armor Wars show coming to Disney+ which will focus on Rhodey and his War Machine armor.

Next up on the MCU docket is Loki, another MCU TV show headed for Disney+ on June 11.

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