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Marvel's Brand-New What If... Novel Is Already Steeply Discounted

And you can preorder two more of these MCU-related What If... books that are coming later this year.


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is taking it easy in 2024 when it comes to new movies and seasons of TV, with only this summer's Deadpool 3 left on the calendar for new on-screen content. But you'll still be able to get your MCU fix in other ways this year, such as with a new series of novels that tie in with Marvel's animated What If... series on Disney+. The first of these hardcover books, What If...Loki Was Worthy? (A Loki & Valkyrie Story), just came out and is already included in Amazon's massive buy two, get one free sale. If this is something you're in the market for, it's time to do some shopping.

These stories are part of the MCU's multiverse, meaning they happen in alternate realities from the main ones we've seen on screen--the fun of What If.. is that they take these characters we know so well and give them fascinatingly different context. But with the multiverse being such a major part of the MCU's overall plot, there have been references to some of the existing What If... stories in the main part of the franchise--like the inclusion of the corrupted Doctor Strange from What If... Season 1 in the second live-action Doctor Strange movie.

Amazon's B2G1 free sale is massive and includes tons of different stuff, from books to movies to board games and more--there's plenty of low-priced items to choose from here. We've got some curated lists to help you sort through it all.

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