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Marvel Snap Decks - Best Pool 2 Decks

Tactics, mechanics, deck lists, and more in Marvel Snap for Pool 2.


Marvel Snap’s Pool 2 has the fewest cards of all current pools but brings in powerhouses such as Jubilee and Hobgoblin. These cards are unlocked throughout Collection Levels 222 to 474. This guide will detail some of the best Marvel Snap decks and tactics you can implement that will have you reign supreme over your opponents using all Pool 2 decks.

Ferocious Floodgates

Floodgates are a term used in trading card games--often in Yu-Gi-Oh!--with these decks, their mechanics are to stop or deny one or both players from playing cards.

This deck only has one 1-Cost card, which is Iceman. Iceman makes one card in your opponent’s hand cost one extra energy. Combining Iceman’s ability with Scorpion, you will be able to decrease all of the cards in your opponent’s hand by one power.

Storm is able to flood a location making it so cards cannot be played after the next turn, thus pressuring your opponent to either lose the location or waste cards before the location becomes unusable. Storm pairs well with Lizard in this regard. Shang-Chi can destroy all enemy cards that have 9 power at the location. Shang-Chi is a perfect counter for decks that reach a massive power presence that uses cards such as Kazar, Blue Marvel, and Iron Man to power up the board.

Ferocious Floodgates Decklist
Ferocious Floodgates Decklist

Jubilee is one of the defining cards from this pool. When Jubilee is revealed, she can grab any card from your deck to call it to the same location. Being able to call cards such as Leech or Hobgoblin as early as turn four through this ability will remove all abilities of cards in your opponent’s hand, and Hobgoblin being revealed will give a -8 power to your opponent’s location early in the game.

This deck has many high costing cards. If you are having trouble playing cards the first few turns, you can always substitute cards such as Professor X and/or Cosmo for lower-cost cards such as Sunspot or Ebony Maw for more play consistency.

Revealing Ruthlessness

Revealing Ruthlessness uses Pool 1 On Reveal cards combined with the new Pool 2 On Reveal cards. Agent 13 creates a new random card in your hand. Cards are the most important aspect in card games, so being able to create any cards--even cards you do not currently own--can win you a match in an all-new method.

You want to play Okoye as soon as possible. She will grant all cards in your deck +1 power. It may not sound grand or even pivotal, but the power does add up enormously.

Revealing Ruthlessness Decklist
Revealing Ruthlessness Decklist

Star Lord and Groot are low-cost cards that receive extra power if your opponent plays a card at the same location. Rocket Racoon is another great card to add due to its similar effect with the other Guardians of the Galaxy, and Rocket Racoon being a 1-cost makes it a quick play. Odin is used in activating On Reveal effects and will trigger Jubilee’s ability again to call another card from the deck.

If your opponent played a Hobgoblin to send to your side of the field, why not play Odin to send Hobgoblin right back at them? If you played your own Hobgoblin previously, you may even make it so they have two Hobgoblins, with each at a different location.

Discardian Discord

Discardian Discord’s playstyle is all about combining hand discard effects to gain benefits rather than lose precious card resources. If Swarm is discarded from Blade, Lady Sif, or Sword Master’s effect, then two copies of Swarm are added to your hand both costing zero energy. If Wolverine is discarded, it is then played at a random location. This allows you to save energy you can use to play other cards.

Throughout the match, for each card you discard, Morbius will receive +2 power. Since Morbius needs cards to be discarded, Agent 13 will create a new card in your hand to be discarded. Strong Guy is able to be a 4-cost card with 8 power if you have zero cards in hand. Strong Guy can be substituted for Bishop, Ebony Maw, Angela, Jessica Jones, or Ant-Man if you are having a tough time receiving Strong Guy’s benefits.

Discardian Discord Decklist
Discardian Discord Decklist

Our finishing win condition is the mighty Apocalypse. Anytime Apocalypse is discarded, he comes back to your hand with an extra four power. This effect can be triggered multiple times throughout a match, so playing a 16 or even a 20-power Apocalypse is very much possible. Lady Sif will always discard the highest energy cost card in hand, so if you have her alongside Apocalypse in the early portion of the match, you can power up your boss card.

Due to Apocalypse effect counting as a discard, Morbius will continually power up throughout due to its conditions being continually met.

Magnificent Movement

Magnificent Movement is all about using cards--movers--to move around the board to increase their power or trigger their effects. Iron Fist, Cloak, Doctor Strange, and Heimdall are all about moving your other cards.

When a card is moved to where Kraven is, Kraven will receive +2 power that can be triggered more than once throughout the match. Two cards that will receive impressive benefits upon being moved around are Multiple Man and Vulture. Multiple Man will leave behind a copy of itself when moved. Power up Multiple Man with Hulk Buster, then move the powered-up Multiple Man with Doctor Strange or Heimdall to have two Multiple Man with 7-Power on the field. Having up to four Multiple Man copies with increased power is not uncommon.

Magnificent Movement Decklist
Magnificent Movement Decklist

Hulk Buster merges with a card, so the merged card will still keep its properties such as still having its effects of movement increase such as with Vulture receiving an additional five power if moved. Nakia is a great way to power up Multiple Man, and Vision is able to move every turn. Forge is an excellent replacement for Nakia, as well.

Heimdall moves every other card on the board to the left, so make sure your cards have a location to move to. Play your cards that need to be moved, like Multiple Man or Vulture, on the right, while you have static cards such as Kraven, Sunspot, and Iron Fist on the left. This deck can take some time to understand, and implement effortlessly due to its more complex strategies alongside win conditions, especially if you are a newer card fighter altogether or Marvel Snap is your first collectible card game. This deck is still definitely worth investing in, though.

Devastating Destruction

Destroying your own cards does come with positives. Devastating Destruction’s main priority is to play cards such as Nova, Bucky Barnes, Wolverine, and Sabretooth--destroy each of them with the usage of Carnage, Killmonger, or Deathlok to trigger their effects. Bucky Barnes will create a Winter Soldier in its place after being destroyed with Winter Soldier being a 6-Power card with ease.

After a card on your field is destroyed, Angel will fly out from your deck to provide support. Nova increases all of your cards on the field by an additional power, so using Nova to power up the two Mister Sinister or the Squirrels from Squirrel Girl will be net positives.

Devastating Destruction Decklist
Devastating Destruction Decklist

Having a location with Wolverine, Sabretooth alongside Bucky Barnes, and then playing Carnage or Deathlok to trigger all of the destruction effects is both satisfying and can turn your losing match into a comeback. Killmonger is a great counter for decks that use 1-Cost cards to swarm the board such as with the Pool 1 deck Unite Everybody. Killmonger is effective in destroying your own Nova at the same time to power up your other cards.

It's ideal to trigger the effects of destruction in an orderly fashion. If you are going to destroy the opponent’s cards with Killmonger, make sure to do that before playing Squirrel Girl, for example. You do not want to accidentally lose those precious Squirrels to power up later through Nova’s ability triggered through Deathlok.

Some of the strategies from Discardian Discord and Devastating Destruction do overlap, such as with Wolverine, so you can also combine cards from these two decklists into one deck, as well.

Hopefully, by now you will have had a clearer understanding of Marvel Snap in general from your Pool 1 deck usage. But making your way through unlocking Pool 2 cards or these decks to play requires more thought, tactics, and expertise than the previous pool of cards. These Pool 2 decks are immensely competent, thoroughly efficient, and absolutely powerful.

For more on Marvel Snap or deck building, please click on our tips and tricks for beginners, and be sure to check out our best Pool 1 decks, if you are still making your way through the early portion of the game.

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