Mark Hamill Has Secretly Voiced Cameos In Every Star Wars Movie

The actor himself has put an end to rumors, likely sparking forthcoming fan speculation.


Mark Hamill, a veritable font of primary-source Star Wars trivia, has shared on Twitter that he has "voiced multiple secret voice-cameos in every Star Wars movie released since 2015." As many folks on Twitter have pointed out in response--well, those cameos aren't so secret anymore.

Hamill was confirming a tweet by another account sharing the related trivia that the actor voiced the female droid EV-9D9 in the Mandalorian, though in his response didn't drill down into what roles he's taken on in Rogue One, Solo, etc. It's also possible he has further secrets up his sleeves about the Star Wars franchise--as we know by now, Hamill is very good at keeping secrets: His CG cameo in the Mandolarian Season 2 finale as a much younger Luke Skywalker came as a huge and thrilling shock to fans.

As always, there's a ton going on in the Star Wars world. There's a manga inspired by the prequel novel Guardians of the Whills hitting this summer, Star Wars: The Bad Batch will wrap up its first season in late July, and there are 10th anniversary plans for the Star Wars: The Old Republic video game. Both Daisy Ridley and John Boyega have let it be known they'd be open to revisiting their roles in the future.

It was also recently announced that Hamill will star in a movie about comedian Bert Kreischer's viral story about getting kidnapped by Russian gangsters. It's of course, a bananas story--Kreischer was studying abroad in Russia, and wound up helping the Russian mob rob a train. In the movie, Hamill will play Kreischer's father, as the pair deal with the fictional consequences of these real events.

Hamill also recently shared that George Lucas demanded a certain Daffy Duck cartoon precede every original Star Wars screening.

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