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Mario Vs. Donkey Kong Preorder Guide - Release-Day Delivery, Deals, And More

The remake of the Game Boy Advance classic releases exclusively for Nintendo Switch on February 16.


It's almost time for Mario and Donkey Kong to do battle once again. The remake of the Game Boy Advance classic Mario vs. Donkey releases exclusively for Nintendo Switch on February 16. If you didn't play the original, you should check out the free demo of the remake on the Switch eShop. That said, if Mario vs. Donkey Kong stands the test of time, Switch owners are in for a puzzle-platforming treat. Preorders with release-day delivery are still available at major retailers, including Amazon and Best Buy. Just keep in mind that launch delivery isn't always a guarantee for Switch exclusives if you order a few days prior to release.

But if you don't mind waiting a few days post-launch for your copy to arrive, you can snag a physical edition for $45 at Geek Alliance.

Does Mario vs. Donkey Kong have a preorder bonus?

Nintendo Switch exclusives rarely have official preorder bonuses, but major retailers typically have exclusive collectibles available to those who preorder. Sadly, unless things change fast, that isn't the case with Mario vs. Donkey Kong. Preordering the game simply gets you the game and nothing else.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong features modern graphics that resemble other Super Mario side-scrollers on Switch, such as the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Wonder. But make no mistake about it, this isn't a traditional platformer. Rather, this side-scroller has a heavy puzzle-solving emphasis.

Mario's goal is to save the Mini-Mario toys, which Donkey Kong has so rudely taken. Apparently, no one taught Donkey Kong to share as child.

The remake adds two-player co-op, so you and a friend can outwit Donkey Kong together.

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