Marc Ecko's Getting Up going mobile

Gamers soon to play the graffiti-themed game on a device smaller than a spray-paint can; Sorrent set to bring title to cell phones.


Today, on Valentine's Day, Atari and Sorrent announced that Marc Ecko's not-so-sweet urban opus is making its way to mobile. The two companies say they will launch a suite of content based on Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure console title, this mobile game being the first effort.

"The viral nature of graffiti, music, and the addictive game play of Marc Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure make it a perfect fit for the mobile platform," commented Atari executive vice president Wim Stocks, in a statement.

Ecko himself asserted in a statement that "the mobile phone has become an integral part of today's youth lifestyle." Graffiti culture, or the remnants thereof, undoubtedly also fits this description. "Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure was conceived as a means of sharing the unique form of self-expression made possible through graffiti," Ecko continued, "and Atari’s partnership with Sorrent extends this immersive experience by allowing people to take it with them wherever they go."

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