MapleStory RED update announced

New patch for Korean MMO to feature large scale boss battles, cross-realm play and PvP boss mode; no word on North American or Southeast Asian release date.


Korean publisher Nexon and developer Wizet have announced a new MapleStory update that is slated for release in Korea this summer.

The upcoming patch will allow players to fight each other as MapleStory boss monsters.
The upcoming patch will allow players to fight each other as MapleStory boss monsters.

According to an announcement made during the MapleStory 10th anniversary celebration held in South Korea on May 20 (via MMO Culture), the upcoming update will be called RED--and is an abbreviation for Revolution, Evolution and Delight. The patch will add balance changes and overhauls to the game's adventurer classes, as well as a Free Advancement system allowing players to advance to another class without restriction.

The RED update will introduce new modes, including a Player-versus-Player (PvP) mode where characters can become boss monsters. A new boss will also be added, and will require 100 players to take it down. Other new features include cross-realm support, allowing players from different servers to quest together, an auction house, reinforced account security, and new hunting ground and map with its own monsters and loot drops.

More information on the update will be revealed by Nexon and Wizet in June. Currently there is no word on a planned North American or Southeast Asian release for the new patch.

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