Manchester United Soccer demo kicking off on DLX

Codemasters' footie demo relives recent match between Arsenal and Manchester United; two more demos also on DLX.


Manchester United Soccer 2005

Codemasters today announced the Manchester United Soccer 2005 demo for the PC has taken the field and is available for download. The 518MB demo showcases one half of a match between Premier League powerhouses Manchester United and Arsenal at Old Trafford. Manchester United Soccer 2005 features more than 250 European teams, a career mode, and new on-field moves, including the 135-degree pass. In addition to the previously mentioned demo, GameSpot DLX is also hosting demos of Ajax versus Manchester United in the Amsterdam Arena and Real Madrid versus Barcelona in the Santiago Bernabeu. The full title is available now for $19.99. To try some of the action before you purchase the game, dribble on over to GameSpot DLX to download all three demos.

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