Majority of MMOers interested in Star Trek Online

Developers of forthcoming game justify their existence with market survey--with less than earth-shaking results.


Star Trek Online

This just in: massively multiplayer online role-playing game players are interested in a Star Trek MMORPG. That's the not-so-shocking conclusion of a market study conducted by Nielsen Media Research and Perpetual Entertainment, developer of the forthcoming PC MMORPG, Star Trek Online.

The "extensive study" quizzed 600 "active gamers" who were interested in both Star Trek and MMORPGs. It then divided them into three subgroups based on their primary interest: MMO gamers, Star Trek enthusiasts, and plain ol' PC gamers. "The purpose of selecting people who fit into one of these three groups was to ensure that we were getting feedback from people who might be interested in Star Trek Online and to understand our opportunity within various target audiences," said Perpetual in a statement.

The result? Sixty-nine percent of MMO players were interested in Star Trek Online and 59 percent of Star Trek enthusiasts wanted to play the game. However, only 31 percent of regular PC gamers were eager to boldly go where no MMORPG has gone before.

For a complete rundown on the study's findings, set a course to the official Star Trek Online Web site--warp 7.

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