Majesco shows off GBA video player

Portable solution will bring full-motion video to the palm of your hand.


Majesco has released further details on its upcoming Game Boy Advance video playback software. The technology, which runs from a standard 256-megabit GBA cartridge, will hold up to 45 minutes of full-motion video in its initial incarnation. The onscreen video player will feature the standard array of DVD-style controls, such as fast forward, rewind, pause, and chapter skip. A parental lock will also be available to keep younger viewers from interrupting playback.

When the video product rolls out on May 1st, the initial content offering will target youngsters with 10 cartridges that will include episodes of popular cartoons like Spongebob Squarepants, Fairly Odd Parents, and Jimmy Neutron. These 45-minute cartridges will retail for $19.99. Majesco plans to further optimize its video solution to allow around 90 minutes of video, which it's promising to deliver in June. Naturally, this will allow for the eventual release of full-length feature films.

Majesco is currently in talks with several companies about licensing further content for its GBA video system, although no properties have been announced at this time. GameSpot will bring you more on this interesting device as its release date approaches.

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