MAG enlists Aussie servers

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia confirms local servers for its upcoming 256-player shooter.


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Aussies have long lamented the lack of local servers for many big-name games, with higher pings an almost accepted reality of being an antipodean gamer. Having dedicated servers means that online games run smoother in most cases because the high-speed Internet access makes them more capable of running large matches (as opposed to an entire game trying to contact someone's home connection).

Thankfully, Sony has thought ahead for its upcoming game MAG, confirming that there will be specific Aussie servers. For those who don't know, the feature that makes MAG most unique is that it's a first-person shooter that supports 256 players. Most console first-person shooters only allow 16 to 32 players.

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Teams will be divided up into groups of 128, and then split up into squads. Four squads make a platoon, and four platoons make a company. As you can tell from that description, rank matters, and it will allow you to move up the chain of command.

MAG is currently scheduled to invade Australia on February 11.

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