Madden NFL 2001

John Madden's an emotional guy - but the Emotion Engine of the PlayStation 2 is looking to take the sportscaster and his long running football series to the next level.


Madden NFL 2001

Madden NFL 2001 is still five months away from being released. There's a lot of work left to be done, but at first glance, it looks and plays very much like a finished product.

The screenshots don't properly convey the level of realism that Madden NFL 2001 displays. The game is animated incredibly well - even better than the reigning king of gaming football, Sega's NFL 2K. The movement of the players is really amazing, especially some of the tackles. 200 real player faces are being inserted into the game, as well. Still, the graphics could use a little touching up, as everything has a real "pasted onto the field" sort of look to it.

The game is currently scheduled to ship on October 26th, the same day that the PlayStation 2 is released. Look for more info and impressions as the convention continues.

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