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Madden 23: What's New For Season 2 Prime Time

Most Feared returns with Deion and an all-new Monster Maker.


Deion Sanders was "him" back in the 1990s and Madden 23 is celebrating the legacy of #21 with Season 2: Prime Time--a fall content roadmap that doubles up on Most Feared and Team Diamonds. Title Update #3 was a win for Franchise lifers (and Reddit) and as a bonus, Season 2 paves the way for more customization in Ultimate Team with Prime Time gear drops, Legendary Strategy items, Team Of The Week picks by NBC Sports' Matthew Berry, and an all-new Season 2 Field Pass that features new player rewards (Dalvin Cook, Bobby Wagner, more) and a 94 OVR Deion Sanders All-Madden item.

Did we mention there's a 92 OVR Field Pass Josh Allen floating around somewhere? There's a lot to digest and even more to be revealed so dive into our explainer on what's new for Season 2 below.

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S2 Champion: Deion Sanders

94 OVR Field Pass Deion Sanders (CB)
94 OVR Field Pass Deion Sanders (CB)

"Prime Time" changed the game and his 94 OVR All-Madden Team item is a small reminder of what he has accomplished as an eight-time Pro Bowler, former NFL Defensive Player of The Year (1994), and a two-time Super Bowl champion (1995, 1996). It's a bit of a challenge to stat assign 54 career interceptions, but a man-to-man CB with 94 speed and 95 agility is a win for everyone involved--except opposing wideouts, of course.

Most Feared LTDS Are Back

Most Feared bites back with Monster Morphs.
Most Feared bites back with Monster Morphs.

'Tis the Spooky Season, Most Feared returns to Madden 23 and the first step to this year's three-part program includes an exclusive 92 OVR LTD Stephon Gilmore. There is also a new set of 20 Golds and 20 Elites as well as six 90 OVR Most Feared Heroes and four more 92 OVR Most Feared Champions--including Derrick Henry (HB), Julius Peppers (LE), Harold Carmichael (WR), and Derwin James Jr. (SS).

The first release for Most Feared is also headlined by four new 86 OVR Monsters: Ezekiel Elliott (HB), Devin White (MLB), Rasul Douglas (CB), and Chase Claypool (WR). All four Monsters can be earned for free through the Most Feared Field Pass and each one can evolve into a terrifying 89 OVR version via Monster Morph upgrades that can be obtained by completing Monster Maker objectives. The Monster items can also be powered by four new Most Feared Monster Chemistries: Ghoul, Gargoyle, Werewolf, and Vampire. Each one can apply one Head, Arms, Torso, or Lower Body Chemistry for key attribute boosts such as +1 BC Vision (HB), +1 Spin Move (WR), and +1 Jumping & Speed (CB).

For the XP grinders, there are also new Hero and Champion Sets, Most Feared and Dreams Of Dread Challenges, and a Most Feared House Rules which runs for two quarters with X-Factors always on and Monster Morphs active. The new House Rules comes with a 90 OVR Most Feared Hero Fantasy Pack, but each rewards milestone also includes a Most Feared Strategy Upgrade Item that can be applied to non-H2H strategies that boost the ratings of Most Feared players. These items include Monstrous Might (+1 Strength), Scary Speed (+1 Running), and Towering Terror (+1 Height).

New Field Pass, New Rewards

Neon Deion's Pass is all about gamechangers.
Neon Deion's Pass is all about gamechangers.

The Season 2 Field Pass offers up a new Champion (94 OVR Deion Sanders) and features more than 60 tiers of rewards, including 140,000 total coins, Elite Packs, Pro Gameday Packs, and theme team items like New England’s Classic Alternates and the Atlanta Falcons 1970 Home Uniforms. There are also four exclusive player items: 86 OVR Mike Edwards, 88 OVR Dalvin Cook, 90 OVR Bobby Wagner, and a 92 OVR Josh Allen that is equipped with Fearless and Dashing Deadeye, and all of the above can be earned before the Field Pass expires at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET on Thursday, December 8th.

Most Feared's Program Field Pass is more trick than treat with 30 levels of freebies like 90,000 coins, 175,000 Season XP, and three 86 OVR Monster BNDs that can be upgraded to 89 OVR through stat missions and Monster Maker Objectives. The final reward is a 90 OVR Fantasy Pack with Most Feared Heroes like Deebo Samuel (WR), Roquan Smith (MLB), Garrett Bolles (LT), Shaquill Griffin (CB), and Aidan Hutchinson (RE), and the Halloween-themed Field Pass wraps up on Thursday, December 8th.

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