Madden 23 Rosters And Ratings For All 32 Teams

Whether you're looking for the right team for head-to-head, Franchise, or just want to see depth charts for all 32 teams, here's your complete guide to Madden 23 team rosters.


In Madden 23, the difference between the game's best teams and worst teams can be quite stark. When weighing all of the Madden 23 rosters, it's clear some teams are without their franchise quarterbacks, which always drags a roster down, while others boast the league's most stifling defenses, fastest wide receivers, or the running backs you know to turn to when you need that last crucial yard.

But if you're looking to compare the full rosters of each team, not just their best or worst players--though we have that, too--you've come to the right place. Here you can find links to all 32 Madden team rosters with player names, positions, and overall (OVR) ratings listed cleanly for your reference. Which team will be your go-to in Madden 23?

AFC North

AFC South

AFC East

AFC West

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NFC North

NFC South

NFC East

NFC West

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