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Ludwig Tops Ninja's Record For Most Twitch Subscribers After Month-long Subathon

Ludwig's current subscriber count is over 280,000.


Ludwig Ahgren, a variety Twitch streamer, has officially claimed the record for most subscribers on Twitch. Over the course of the past month, Ahgren has been broadcasting every moment of his life. Viewers have watched the streamer cook his meals, sleep in his racecar bed, and play games. Yesterday his stream finally ended, and with it, the former record for most Twitch subscribers.

The record was previously held by Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, the blue-haired Twitch superstar, who peaked at 269,154 subscriptions in 2018. Ludwig officially beat that record last night, and at the time of writing has a whopping total of 283,034 subscribers, more than any other streamer using the platform. Ahgren also marked the final day of his subathon with a charity drive, donating $5 to The Humane Society and St. Jude’s for every subscription he received until 9 PM PT.

Facilitating this month-long subathon has been no easy feat. Since starting, a timer on Ludwig’s stream has steadily been counting down. When it hit zero, the stream was going to end, regardless of what Ludwig’s sub count was. However, with every new subscription, ten seconds were added to the timer. It’s also worth noting that Ludwig hasn’t been on stream for a month straight. While his channel has been broadcasting, other members of his team have taken his place on camera. Overnight, the stream would stay on with a camera pointed at the race car bed Ludwig would sleep in while stream moderators chatted in Discord and shared YouTube videos over MediaShare.

By the end of the stream, Ludwig had already surpassed Blevins' record by 13,000 subscribers. His month-long subathon came to an emotional conclusion, with the streamer saluting into the camera as his "theme song" played.

On Twitter, Blevins congratulated Ahgren, writing, "Records are meant to be broken, I would be lying if I said [I] wasn’t a little sad but congrats [Ludwig] on holding the new sub record on twitch."

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