Lucasfilm registers multiple Star Wars domain names - Report

The list of domain names registered by Lucasfilm includes Star Wars Alliance, Star Wars Rebels, and Wookie Hunters.


Lucasfilm has registered a group of Star Wars-related domain names, Fusible has reported.

Earlier this week, Electronic Arts and the Walt Disney Company announced a new multi-year exclusive agreement to develop and publish new games based on Star Wars characters and stories.

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Several of the new domains reference Star Wars themes, including the following:

- Star Wars Alliance
- Star Wars Rebels
- Star Wars Wolf Pack
- Wolf Pack Adventures
- Order 67
- Bothan Spies
- Gungan Frontier 2
- Gungan Frontier 3
- Gungan Frontier 4
- Wookie Hunters

No further information was available about whether the domains are tied to current or future projects, and none of the domains match currently announced games.

EA also confirmed earlier this week in a post-earnings financial call that it will not publish any new Star Wars games during its 2014 fiscal year, which runs from April 1, 2013, through to March 31, 2014.

EA's deal with Disney makes it the exclusive developer of core Star Wars games. These titles will be delivered on all platforms. Battlefield studio DICE and Dead Space outfit Visceral Games are currently making new Star Wars games, which will run on the Frostbite 3 engine.

Disney acquired LucasArts alongside Lucasfilm in October last year for $4.05 billion.

The fates of Star Wars: 1313 and Star Wars: First Assault remain unclear.

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