LucasArts enlists Unreal Engine 3

Star Wars publisher-developer signs long-term, studio-wide licensing deal for Epic's popular middleware technology.


Just over a month after Warner Bros. Interactive committed to Unreal Engine 3 through 2014, Epic Games has signed another major studio in a long-term commitment for its popular middleware software. LucasArts said today that it had entered into a long-term, studio-wide licensing agreement with Epic for use of its Unreal Engine 3 technology.

LucasArts is the latest developer to get Unreal.
LucasArts is the latest developer to get Unreal.

LucasArts did not indicate specific future projects that would incorporate Unreal Engine 3. For its most high-profile projects of late, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and The Force Unleashed II, LucasArts used its proprietary Ronin game engine.

The publisher-developer has been quiet about its future plans. What is known is the publisher is prepping a new project under the guidance of Clint Hocking. Last year, LucasArts hired the one-time Ubisoft Montreal creative director, who built his reputation on the success of the Splinter Cell and Far Cry franchises.

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