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LOTR: Return To Moria Delayed On PS5, Now Only Coming To PC This Month

Only the PC edition will now launch on October 24.


The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria is launching soon, but PlayStation 5 users will have to wait a bit longer. Free Range Games has confirmed that the PS5 edition will not come out on October 24 alongside the PC edition. It's been delayed to December 5.

The Xbox Series X|S version will come later, at some point in early 2024, but that version was never lined up to launch in October. So as it stands, Return to Moria will debut on October 24 exclusively on PC through the Epic Games Store.

When Return to Moria does come to PS5 on December 5, it'll be available digitally and on a physical disc that day.

Free Range Games also confirmed that Return to Moria has now reached the major development milestone of going "gold," or in this case, going "Mithril," the developer said, referring to the super-strong Dwarven material from The Lord of the Rings.

Additionally, Free Range has shown off Return to Moria's Dwarf Creator, which players will use to customize their own character. As you can see in the video, players can choose the look of their character's beard and hair, and can also select accessories, facial features like scars and tattoos, and even determine the character's origin, voice, and personality type.

Return to Moria is one of a handful of Lord of the Rings games in development now. Effects studio Weta's gaming division is making the cozy-looking Tales of the Shire, while Amazon is developing a new Lord of the Rings MMO after its first one fell apart.

For more, check out GameSpot's rundown of all the upcoming Lord of the Rings games. Beyond games, WB Discovery is producing new Lord of the Rings movies. Additionally, Season 2 of Amazon's The Rings of Power is in production.

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