Lost Ark Is Getting Two New Classes By May

A new continent and additional endgame content is also on the docket for Lost Ark over the next two months.


Lost Ark is set to receive some major content updates over the next two months, including two new classes previously released in the Korean version of the game.

Those two classes making their way into the Western version of Lost Ark are the Glaivier, a female Martial Artist who wields a spear and glaive, and the Destroyer, a male Warrior class who dishes out damage with a massive hammer. The Glaivier will come in April while the Destroyer will be released in May, according to an Amazon blog post outlining Lost Ark's upcoming content roadmap.

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The new DPS classes are just the tip of the content iceberg, with Amazon planning on rolling out numerous other endgame activities and areas in the coming weeks. In April, players will be able to explore the new continent of South Vern. There will also be a number of quality-of-life updates coming this month, like improvements to Secret Maps and Book of Coordination settings, along with new events, log-in rewards, and a Feiton Powerpass that will boost a new character to 960 item level.

Looking ahead to May, Amazon is planning to introduce Trial Guardian Raids as another weekly endgame activity, as well as a brand new proper Guardian Raid in the form of Deskaluda. Amazon is also looking to bring the first Legion Raid, Valtan, to the Western version of Lost Ark in May. Legion Raids require eight players and introduce a number of new mechanics, with Amazon describing Legion Raids as "the definitive Lost Ark raiding experience." May will see further quality-of-life additions like UI updates, improved party finder tools, an update to loot dismantling, and new hairstyle customizations.

Amazon made clear in the blog post that the roadmap doesn't cover all the new content coming to Lost Ark in the next two months. Furthermore, content like the Valtan Legion Raid and Deskaluda Guardian Raid might be delayed if their planned introduction in May "would create pressure within the community." Amazon and Smilegate RPG previously said it was a "mistake" to release more endgame content so soon back in early March, as some players felt pressured to progress faster and spend money in order to experience the new content.

"Our data has suggested that a big enough portion of our active players will reach, or be close to reaching, the item levels needed to participate in higher level end-game content in May," Amazon stated in the blog. "Our goal is to provide fun content for players, even if it's at a higher level, while never making players feel pressured that they need to pay to keep up."

Lost Ark broke concurrent player records when it launched in February, and is still one of the top-played games on Steam. GameSpot's Lost Ark review praised the game's combat and endgame while criticizing its archaic quest design and heavy reliance on microtransactions.

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