Littlest Pet Shop: Friends, Online, Press Conference Impressions

Your favorite pets can now go to the city, beach, country, and even online.


Electronic Arts has a diverse lineup for the year with a mix of action games, driving games, and games for girls. Chip Lange, general manager of the Hasbro division was introduced early on in the presentation to talk about My Littlest Pet Shop: Friends, a new Wii and DS game scheduled for this fall. According to Lange, 2 million girls have played last year's Littlest Pet Shop, and he wants to provide a venue for these players to branch out.

My Littlest Pet Shop: Friends will let you bring your pets to the country, city, and the beach to embark on an all new adventure. Lange also announced that there will be Littlest Pet Shop: Online, in which you can bring your favorite pets online, customize them, and even create new ones from scratch. He emphasized that it would be a safe environment for girls to interact, chat, earn kibble coins, and bring their plush pets to life.

The trailer showed snippets of gameplay where your virtual pets mingled with others. A map also came up to indicate that you can customize your own home. Neopets, anyone? There's a scrapbook for those who want a place to put their cherished memories, and the game looks like it's free to play because the subscription is optional. Look for My Littlest Pet Shop: Online this fall.

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